Do You Suffer From Dry Scalp?

Dry scalp is a common problem many people battle.  The first step is targeting what is causing it! There are various causes for dry scalp. These causes include:

– Shampooing too frequently
– Cold or Dry Weather
– Dietary Deficiencies
– Eczema or other skin conditions
– Not consuming enough water
– Using hair products that contain too much alcohol which can dry out your hair and scalp.
Now that you know the causes you need to focus on ways to treat the issue! Here are my suggestions:
1. If you do a lot of in home hair care you need to make sure you have the right products at your disposal. Purchase a shampoo and conditioner focused on the treatment of dry or itchy scalp.  I suggest Influance Rosemary Shampoo & Conditioner.


Influance Rosemary Shampoo & Conditioner is available online at


2:  Add a Hot Oil Treatment to your next appointment.  The purpose of the treatment is to ensure that the moisture from water is retained as well as to soothe dry scalp.  It is helpful year round.


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3: Drink More Water.   This is as simple at it sounds! Your body needs water for many of its functions.  Your skin and scalp benefit when you consume water.  Drinking enough water helps to produce clearer skin, increase elasticity in hair, and helps target dry scalp.  The suggestions for daily water intake have been adjusted throughout the years. The current suggested water intake for men and women are as follows:

Men: 3.7 Liters or 15.5 cups of water 
Women: 2.7 Liters or 11.5 cups of water


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