How I Chose My Homecoming Outfits

Fall is generally a really busy season in terms of events and holidays.  One of the biggest events for me to prepare for in the fall is homecoming.  I attended North Carolina A&T State University, an HBCU (historically black colleges and universities),  and we take fashion seriously.  It was imperative for me to plan my outfits in advance to keep from stressing about my “looks” as the dates approached.  When I start buying items for homecoming I usually end up snagging additional pieces along the way to get me through any other fall events I may have coming up as well.

This year I used a few different sites for inspiration along with the help of my group chats to decide on my final outfits.  I use Pinterest regularly as well as the pages of some of my favorite fashion influencers on Instagram.  Often times I’ll screenshot outfits at random that catch my eye when I’m scrolling my timeline.  Later when I’m shopping I’ll go back and look at the screenshots I’ve collected to see if I can find similar pieces of clothing to recreate the looks.

Some of my favorite Instagram influencers currently are Rasheeda Frost (@rasheedadabosschick), Stafani Milano (@stafanimilano), Weyni (@weyni), and Antonia Wright (@toyawright) to name a few.

Here are a couple looks I found and made into my own:

I was inspired by a photo I seen of  Toya Wright so I decided to see if I could duplicate a similar look for myself for our homecoming day party.

IMG_0068IMG_1721 2

Rasheeda was next up on my list for a “Yard” (campus) outfit for homecoming day!  I had to make it comfy since I knew I would be walking all day so I swapped out heels for sneakers. I also splurged and had some custom gold fangs and a tip bar made to add a little more character to my outfit.  



Finding inspiration pictures can sometimes make it easy when trying to decide on outfits for your events.  It definitely helps me because sometimes I can envision a look but I can’t quite describe the outfit I have in mind when I’m seeking help from my friends.  If you have trouble when deciding on an outfit for your future events I suggest this as a way to help you narrow down your options or simply to find ideas for inspiration.

Here are a few more pictures of my friends and I at GHOE (NC A&T Homecoming) 2018!


What did you think of my interpretation of these looks?



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