Hair Care Necessities for Maintaining your Silk Press

I often service clients who are new to having their natural hair pressed straight.  I also have those clients who only wear their hair pressed a couple times a year.  Once they get their hair pressed they have questions about how to maintain their hair while its straight because it is totally different than maintaining their natural textured hair.  Since I commonly get this question I decided to formulate a list of items for home hair care.

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  1. A Satin Bonnet or Satin Pillow Case

You need to make sure you’re covering your hair at night with something that will lock in moisture as opposed to something that is stripping your hair of moisture.  I’m a big fan of satin bonnets.  They allow you to cover your hair while also allowing enough room for any style not just a Silk Press.  You can also use a bonnet with natural styles such as a Flexi rod set or twist set.  Satin bonnets are not too tight which is great if you tend to sweat in your scalp at night.  This satin bonnet is also infused with Moroccan oil.

Another option is a satin pillow case! If you tend to fall asleep and forget to wrap your hair or if you are a wild sleeper and some nights you wake up and your bonnet or scarf is gone then this is the item for you!  You get the same benefits that you would from a satin bonnet because the satin will not strip your hair of moisture.  It is also slick so you won’t have to worry about the friction of your hair against the pillowcase causing breakage like you would normally experience with a regular cotton pillowcase.

I myself sleep with both a satin bonnet and satin pillowcases.  Satin pillowcases are also handy when traveling! If I were you I would invest in both!

2.  Flexi Rods or Bobby Pins 

If you struggle with maintaining your salon curls I suggest using Flexi Rods or Bobby Pins.  Flexi Rods come in various sizes! Keep in mind the smaller the rod the tighter the curl.  I generally prefer to use larger flexi rods to maintain my curls.  So I suggest the two larger sizes.

Another option for maintaining your curls is to pin curl your hair.  The same rule applies when it comes to pin curls as with flexi rods.  The smaller the pin curl the tighter the resulting curl will be.  So keep this in mind when pin curling your hair at night.

NOTE: When pin curling your hair make sure you place the crinkled side of the bobby pin underneath the curl and the flat side up.  This will prevent denting and lines in the hair.

3.  Paddle Brush 


If you prefer to wrap your hair at night in a flat wrap then I suggest using a paddle brush.  This will help you to detangle the hair from root to end and achieve a sleek a wrap with the hair.  The paddle brush is also wide so it will cover more surface area as opposed to using a comb and is great for individuals with thick and/or long hair.

4.  Mesh Wrap


The mesh wrap will keep your wrapped hair in place so that you can put your bonnet on top.  It will also keep your wrap from falling while you sleep at night.

NOTE: Some women also opt to use the mesh wraps to hold hair during workouts.  If you do this I suggest having 2 mesh wraps.  One solely for sleeping and one for working out just in case your wrap becomes damp during workouts. Now you won’t have to worry about it drying in enough time for you to use it at night for bed.

5.  Styling Wax Stick


This styling wax works wonders for “fly aways” or hair that stands up in between your part due to static or just shorter lengths of hair.  You simply rub the palm of your hands across the wax stick then rub your hands over the hair to slick down the standing strands.  This will ensure that you don’t place too much product on the hair.

6.  Edge Brush 


An edge brush is great for doing the finishing touches on your hair and applying edge control.  You can smooth edges with any hair style whether it is pressed, braided, or natural.  It is also small enough to pack in any travel bag or purse.

7. Shower Cap


Last but surely not least I suggest showering with a shower cap on when your hair is pressed.  Your hair will revert if it comes in contact with moisture so a shower cap is essential in keeping your hair silky and smooth.

NOTE: Place the shower cap over your satin bonnet.  This will give you two layers of protection to keep your hair from getting wet while you’re in the shower or bath tub.


RULE OF THUMB: Wash your bonnets, satin pillow cases, and mesh wraps often, preferably each time your hair is shampooed.  Clean hair deserves clean protective hair covers.  This will help prevent having oily or smelly hair.  This will also help to keep your skin from breaking out due to oil buildup in your bonnet, mesh wrap, and pillow cases transferring to your skin.

If you would like to purchase these items you can do so directly from Amazon by clicking the link below:

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