New Year, New Goals?

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Are you on your ” New Year,New Me” grind? Did you cut anybody off in the New Year?  Did you start chapter 2019 with any new goals in mind?

I’m always interested in how people set forth to attack the new year.  It’s different from person to person of course and also dependent on how happy you were with your previous year’s success.  Most people measure how good or bad their year is based on what goals they were able to accomplish, what failures they had, and what they still need to work on going forward.

I’m one of those people! All in all I don’t think 2018 was a bad year for me BUT I do see room for improvement going forward.  I’m always looking for ways to improve and become better in different aspects of my life.

Since I’m an entrepreneur a lot of my goals often pertain to my business and how I want to grow, which aspects I want to expand in and also anything new I want to take on.  One of the biggest things I’m working on getting better at is planning out my day when working towards my goals.  I use to always wonder about people who kept physical planners with them.  In my head I always figured that’s what your smartphone is for, right? I thought it was an antiquated practice. Well I was wrong!

I’ve come to realize that writing out a plan of action or attack for your goals is so important.  I have a vision board just like most people these days, but looking at the pictures everyday is just a small part of working towards those goals.  YOU NEED A PLAN!

How are you going to get all of those things you put on that board? What are you doing to work towards them?  Thats where the planning comes in.  Let’s face it.  Success doesn’t just happen.  It’s planned for!

So, you may be wondering, how do I set a plan for my goal?  Let’s look at a goal!

Example:  I want to lose 30 pounds this year.

So in order to reach that goal you need a plan!

Step 1: Workout 3-4x a week minimum for at least 45 minutes.  30 minutes of that workout needs to be high intensity cardio like the stair master or high intensity interval training.

Step 2: Stop drinking my calories! Switch to drinking water in place of where I would normally drink juice or soda.

Step 3:  Eat healthier. Cut back on fast food, processed foods, and blatant carbs. To reward myself once a week pick 1 cheat meal for staying focused!

Step 4: Set small weight goals to work my way up to the final 30 pound goal.  My first weight goal is to be down 5 pounds in a month.  Weigh myself at the beginning of the month.  I will only weigh myself once a week to check my progress.

This is an example of planning out your goals step by step so that you can work towards accomplishing them.  The initial 30 pound goal can be a daunting but when broken into 5 pound increments and laying out a plan of action it makes it more doable for you mentally.  Once you lay out a plan you’ll know exactly what you need to start working towards your final goal.

Use this same process when attacking other goals you’ve set!

Need a way to organize? Opt for a planner.  Here’s the one I use:


To purchase click the link below:

Get Shit Done Planner

See just how much more you accomplish this year by planning out your goals step by step!  You may surprise yourself! Something that seems major and far out of reach may come closer within reach for you this year.

A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL.  A GOAL broken down into steps becomes a PLAN.  A PLAN backed by ACTION makes the DREAM come true.

I’m taking my goals and planning them out piece by piece this year! I’m anxious to see just how much more I get accomplished.  I plan to assess my growth quarterly just to make sure I’m on the right track.

Let me know how you plan to attack your goals this year.  You might have some tips I can implement into my life as well!

I’m walking through 2019 with my head held high and ready to take the bull by it’s horns! I’m going to make sure it’s my season to win!



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