Are You a Smart Shopper?

Shopping is totally different than it use to be when I was younger and I’m actually ok with it.  I use to dread going to the mall going store to store trying to find different clothing pieces to make an outfit.  I would find a top at one store then go to a different store with an outfit idea in mind in search of the perfect piece to make my idea come to life.  Searching store to store I would eventually get exhausted when I didn’t find the pieces to my puzzle to make my dream outfit.  Now I can honestly say those are the days of old.  I no longer have that problem.

Online shopping has been a godsend for me! I can shop multiple online stores and boutiques at one time to put together outfit ideas.  It also allows me to send my friends pictures and links and get their advice before I make the purchases.  I can search Pinterest for inspiration then get started on duplicating the same look in minutes.



Not only is online shopping convenient for clothing but its convenient for just about anything you can imagine.  Electronics, books, shoes, travel planning, and even groceries! The possibilities are endless.

We have access to so much right at our fingertips. With all the access we have now we have to make sure we’re being smart about our purchases! You should be using that same access and convenience to compare pricing to make sure you’re getting the best deals on your items.

You should also be getting paid for your purchases!

I mean…. if you’re going to shop you might as well get paid for it! That’s a win win!

One of my favorite apps to shop with is Ebates!


Ebates is handy! If you install the plug in on your web browsers, every time you go to a site that they are affiliated with Ebates will pop up and notify you of your cash back percentage for purchases.  All you have to do is activate the link and viola! You’re earning cash for buying things you were going to buy anyway!  Ebates will also show coupon codes for any discounts that may be available for your purchases.  All you have to do is click the button and it will try every available coupon code to save you money.  So you will get a discount AND you get paid for purchasing!  I definitely suggest that you sign up for Ebates today and start earning cash for your purchases!

Click the link below to set up your account and start shopping!

Click Here to Sign Up for Ebates

Another tool I love for shopping is RetailMeNot.


RetailMeNot is great for online shopping and in store shopping! All you have to do is search the store where you’re shopping and RetailMeNot will show you active coupon codes for online shopping as well as in store coupons that can be scanned by the cashiers.  Users of RetailMeNot also comment on the coupons to tell you whether or not the coupons worked for their purchases which is convenient as well!


A third option for that is great for online shopping is Honey.


Its an extension that can be added to google chrome browsers.  Honey automatically tests  coupons for you! No need to copy and paste codes to test one by one.  It will go through several codes to find you the one with the best savings! I’m new to honey but it is super convenient!  It saves you a lot of time and hardwork!

Click the link below to join honey and download the extension to your chrome browser!

Click Here to Join Honey

You may be wondering why should I use all of these applications?  My answer is why not?  I like to compare pricing! Sometimes there may be a better coupon available that the other may not have! Also, one application may not have one of the stores listed but the other one may.  So do your self a favor and try them all!

Saving money on your purchases opens doors for you to keep more money in your pocket! It also allows your dollar to stretch further!

What are some of your favorite shopping apps?  I love a good bargain so feel free share your favs! I’m eager to try out some new options!

Happy Shopping!


Now go collect those packages that are sure to be piling up at your doorstep now that you have some new bargaining tools in your arsenal.

Until next time!


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